Supplies Availability

Delivery deadline for products from our web shop depends on availability of stock and time required for the courier service to deliver the product.

  1. Availability of stock can be checked for each product. You must keep in mind that the data regarding stock availability are being updated every two hours, however there is a small possibility that the product would already be sold. On our web shop you can add into cart the products which are not available at the moment but we have them in stock. Acquiring products from the manufacturer depends on different and various factors (if the manufacturer has the product in stock, time of transport, customs and mistakes in all of these procedures) for products that we do not have in stock at the moment we cannot guarantee the exact delivery time. If you order such a product our sales specialists will inform you when to expect the delivery within the shortest time period.
  2. Delivery time represents time required by the courier service to deliver the package to your address. This time is usually 48h from the time of order confirmation. This time can be 72h in case the order was placed after 14h. Packages are delivered on Saturdays but are sent on Fridays up until 14h.
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