My Account

Why should you have your account?

With your account you can have lots of benefits:

  • Faster and better method of ordering products
  • Your information will be automatically entered in each ordering field
  • You can change personal data at any time
  • You can manage the data related to the delivery and billing
  • View all your orders, past purchases and balance your account
  • Storing your favourite products, which saves time during your next purchase
  • And much more!

What else does MY ACCOUNT offer:

MY PORTAL:On this page, you can find all your files and settings. From this page you can access all other pages in connectionto your account.

ACCOUNT DATA: All data associated with an address and name of legal/natural person who receives the bill are stored in this section. Your account stores your preferred method of payment as well. This way, when ordering, you can quickly choose the method of paymentinstead of wasting your time.

DELIVERY ADDRESS: In your account, you can store multiple addresses. When ordering, simply select the address to which you want your package to arrive.

MY ORDERS:Here you can view all your previous orders with DentalMedical. This way you can have full control over all of your orders. Here you can also check the regularlyupdated status of your customer card.


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